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    Excellent username tagline.
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    I agree but i dont know how luffy will be as strong as an admiral by the end of the series without another timeskip or some kind of a small training arc and since oda is gonna do neither i cant think of any other way. Unless the idea that the straw hats get stronger every arc through experience is a good explanation.
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    Would you consider luffy conviently finding brulee in chap 884 to be a plot convience? I always believe that the SH have earned their right to user abilities. Since she is weak enough to be subdued, her being used by luffy isnt really that bad.
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    What would you prefer for luffy's progression? Would you want him to be the strongest character in the series by the end or would want him to simply overcome his obstacles throught teamwork,trickery, or using creative solutions? I was on the "I want luffy to bust continents and planets" crowd a while ago until i started to appreciate the dynamics of OP fights, the goofy, funny, fights were luffy tries to exploit his opponents weakness who are stronger than him.
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    Is a different body type a legitimate reason? a lot of people i talk to simply focus on the fact that she is a yonkou therefore no excuse as to how she is being dealt with. They think that because she is a yonkou every aspect of her power should be top tier. If its true that she has low stamina wouldnt another admiral or yonkou simply tire her out and then deal the finishing blow. If i recall correctly akainu fought for 10 days so i feel that he can beat BM. Of course I could be wrong
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    Okay thats makes sense but we have seen powerful characters like the admirals fight for a prolong period, why BM a yonkou is weakened by not eating for eight hours?
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    Do you think BM being weaker after 8 hours of eating is inconsistent when she survived days without eating and still wiped out giants at an young age.
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    I'd need a time machine to play that game. Sorry for not getting back to you sooner 2017 has been crazy.

    A night of revelry calls beckons but I will return in the new year.
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    My feeling says... there's a star. So congratz!
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    I appreciate the offer, I may need help especially since Wednesday thru saturdat I work 6:00pm-4:30am so I may need someone to end/start days while Im at work. Ill let you know about the stuff soon~
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