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Main Rules

Main Rules

- The basic forum is rated PG-13. Do not post media of obscene material or anything else inappropriate for the safe viewing of young teens.

- Do not double post. If you think of something else to say before anyone else has posted, use the edit button, or prepare to be banned.

- Roleplaying, while fun, can be a source of drama, and is something that our staff does not have the time to moderate. It is not allowed on the forum, however, we encourage our members to RP elsewhere.

- We want to keep the quality of the threads as high as possible. Because of this, we ask that there be...
-- No spamming (things that resemble "junk" e-mail, threads without a point)
-- No double posting. (Edit your last post, instead.)
-- No repetitive threads on existing topics. We don't need to have 15 different topics to talk about Blackbeard.
-- Be descriptive in your subject titles. Don't title your threads "Anyone else think..." People should know exactly what the thread is about before they click on it.
-- No political discussion/arguments outside of the established forum threads. We have a general politics thread and a news thread. If a topic is politically controversial but you feel it deserves a new topic, feel free to private message a mod or admin.

- Please try your best to use proper English and grammar. We understand there are many non-native English speakers, and we are totally cool with that. All we are asking for are coherent sentences, where every other word is not an abbreviation. For example, "OMG U R SO KOOL OMGWTFBBQ111!!!!1!" would be better as "OMG, you're so cool! That's awesome!" Incoherent threads will be deleted. Spell check is also a very good thing.

- Do NOT harass other members, not through posts, not through PMs. We will find out and you will be punished.

- We want the atmosphere of the forums to be a fun and pleasant place. Things that have the potential to lead to flame wars will be removed and the user warned.
-- No racial, or prejudice slurs. Period.
-- Don't be an ass/jerk. Be respective of other member's opinions.
-- No trolling, bashing, or flaming. Respect all members, their opinions, and their posts.
-- Absolutely no "in b4 lock!!1!" posts or variants. Doing so may result in a one day ban.

- Please do not request video files of the dubbed episodes. We will all freely help anyone who wants to obtain the fansubbed episodes or the scanlated manga. (We do not condone scanlations made from ocean or stephen's script).

- We do not allow the advertising of other sites except in the user's signature or in his profile. Any posts that are made specifically to advertise a site will be deleted. - Only one account per person, please.

- Polls no longer require moderator permission at this time. Please do not abuse this privilege or it will be revoked again. Please have a discussion in mind for a poll.

- "VS." threads are not allowed. Find a thread related to the characters in question and discuss the potential and possibility there, or create a fanfic thread in the creativity forum.

- Obey all requests by moderators and admins alike. If you feel they have stepped out of line, please notify another admin of the situation and it will be taken care of.

- All forum user accounts that have not logged in for 90 days and have less than 10 posts will be deleted! This is to help keep the size of the user database down and to allow user names to be taken once again by possible future members.

- Have a good time and enjoy the forums!

--Arlong Park Forum Staff

Signature Rules

Signature Rules

- Signature dimension sizes are limited to a total height of 200 pixels and a width of 500 pixels. This is not heavily enforced (meaning we only remove violations when we see them). However, please do try and keep the sizes small.

- The signature size limit is 100kb. Anything larger will seriously affect the speed at which threads will load. This will be enforced and signatures in violation will be removed.

- No YouTube videos are allowed, hidden or visible.

- You are allowed to have multiple images in your signature, but the total file size must still be under 100kb and total image size must be under 200x500 pixels.

- The total character count of your signature is limited to 200 characters, excluding codes. Character size is limited to 3 with maximum of 5 lines.

- Highly disruptive or distracting signatures are not allowed. This mainly applies to visually jarring GIFs, but may include things such as painful color combinations or anything else the staff deems inappropriate.

- Nothing obscene. Remember, these forums are supposed to be PG-13.

- Do NOT complain when your signature is removed for breaking any one of these rules -- it is your responsibility to read and follow them. Repeated violations may lead to further consequences.

--Arlong Park Forum Staff

Spoiler Rules

Manga: Do not post spoiler information ANYWHERE outside of the respective spoiler thread.

- Updated Spoiler Rules

Newer Rules as of 2010:

-- Chapter threads will be made when a decent quality scanlation is available, NOT WHEN A RAW COMES OUT. This includes HQ raws w/ full translations.
-- DO NOT post unconfirmed spoilers. If you cannot tell if it is legit, do not post it. Unconfirmed spoiler posts will be deleted; multiple posts by the same user may result in a thread ban.
-- Do not link to spoilers on other sites. Credit the origin (2ch, etc) if it is a new spoiler; everything else, including duplicates, will be deleted.
-- Direct links from 2ch, such as imepita, are not allowed. Please rehost any spoiler images you find before posting.

Additional Rules. Warnings, infractions, and/or thread bans may be given for the following:

-- Bitching about how the story is proceeding.
-- Backseat modding (regardless of member status).
-- Spoiling something outside of the spoiler thread before the full chapter is out.

* Definition of backseat modding: Saying something like "the stupidity of some members lately will only have one consequence: the spoilers threads will be closed to discussions. i'm still amazed that it has not been done already for the last few weeks." Saying similar thing with the line of "I'm not backseat modding, but~."
* Good way of guiding fellow forum members: "You'll never know what will happen until you get the whole chapter, so maybe you should hold off those bitching comments.

Special Thanks and Credits

Thanks to Ena from Common Sun for allowing us to use the great works on her site for our forum avatars.

Thanks to the past and present staff of the Arlong Park Forums for their dedication and the continuation of their hard work, it's greatly appreciated.


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