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  1. lol I don't remember that conversation specifically, but I know I've definitely talked about Oda's thoughts on his battles before for sure. As long as you're willing to listen and contribute, I don't mind talking about whatever.

    And you have nothing to apologize for, I've even gone into few off-topic rants about Naruto in One Piece threads just like you're doing. I loved Lee, Gaara, and their fight. I'm also very into My Hero Academia. I often think of it as Naruto Part 1, but better quality consistency and with superheroes lol. I get exactly what you mean about not wanting to get back into Naruto again.
  2. Ah, that's a relief. I thought you might be annoyed that you had to explain how Oda's thought process on fights/power levels to me on two separate occasions before I got it through my thick skull. ◠‿◠ ;

    Yeah, what happen with him was just a waste. Seeing Rock Lee vs. Gaara on Youtube got me into Naruto, which was one of my very first Shonen/Manga series, and I still think that was one of the best manga/anime fights I've personally seen. Recently, I started and subsequently caught up to My Hero Academia and noticed that it's often compared to Naruto (at least part 1). I'm overall really enjoying MHA so far, so I kind of want to go reread Naruto, as I barely remember anything, but there's just so much negative stigma I have associated with the series as a whole due to later occurrences, like the interesting side characters get no attention, that's made me put it off so far.

    Hope you don't mind the kinda off-topic rant, I've just had this on my mind and started thinking out loud lol.
  3. No problem lol. Rock Lee was such a disappointment for all of his potential and likability.
  4. Sorry for dropping by randomly like this, but I just wanted to say I 100% agree with your C. Sado Award nomination.
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