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  1. Maybe then we just make the general movie thread into a general movie/tv show thread.... might get more people to join the conversation

    and your argument on the manga comparison thread makes sense
  2. You can do the tv shows thread if you want (but the movies one has gotten almost no attention.) I'd so no on the general manga thread, comparisons gets made all the time within actual series threads, and the context works better because the people in those threads for sure know at least one of the series.
  3. Hey I was wondering if we could make a thread for TV Shows that don't deserve there own thread

    and also a general manga thread, like a thread where we could debate/compare/contrast certain themes in mangas like who does the power system the best (nen/Devil Fruits/chakra/zanpakuto/alchemy etc) or who has the best rivalries (Naruto vs sasuke, Asta vs Yuno Midoriya vs Bakugo etc) who does the best power curve, world building, character development, best back stories and Overall themes of a series (inherited will, next generation surpassing the last, never giving up, the average guy besting those born with natural talent etc)
  4. The media thread pretty much covers that. RPO probably already has a thread and there's multiple video game threads where Rampage discussion would be appropriate.
  5. Is there a general movies/book thread??? I'd really love to discuss the diffrences between ready player one book and movie but couldn't find a thread to put them in... also I wanted to know people's opinion on a quiet place and what people thought of Rampage being the best rated video game movie on Rotten Tomatoes, and other stuff
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