• News Round Jan. 29- Feb 5 2012

      Disclaimer: News may not be in any specific chronological and/or thematic order)
      -So we got a bit more info about the storyline for the next "One Piece"
      film, set to be released in Japanese theaters this December. As quoted
      from AnimeNewsNetwork.com:

      "The film will feature the Straw Hat
      pirate crew against their "strongest enemy yet," a man named "Z." Toei
      officials added that in the film the franchise's protagonist Monkey D.
      Luffy will encounter Z, but he will be Luffy's strongest enemy. The
      movie will feature a "heroic battle" between Luffy and Z."<br><br>ANN
      states that this movie will be directed by Tatsuya Nagamine, who
      according to the site was the director of the Alabasta film. If you
      check their encyclopedia profile for Tatsuya however, it shows that he
      was just the assistant director:


      ANN's encyclopedia actually states that Movie 8's director is Takahiro Imamura:


      Do we need another reliable source?

      -ICv2 posted the Nielsen Bookscan list for January 2012. This list shows
      the top 20 best-selling adult (well according to them adult) graphic
      novels in American bookstores. "One Piece" #60 came in at 15th place:


      -Here's a cool "One Piece" promotion. Last Friday, on the website for
      the upcoming "One Piece" art exhibit (if anyone reading this isn't in
      the loop on that the ANN source will fill you in), they put up this
      wanted poster maker. Users can basically use the Wanted poster template
      to put up a personal photo/image and nickname. Along with that, there's
      also a "Today's Wanted" feature, which allows people who purchased a
      ticket for the exhibit a chance to have their custom poster exhibited at
      the show. The Japanese newspaper Asahi Shimbun will also hold an
      "Everyone's Wanted" campaign, in which selected custom wanted posters
      will be featured in their March 20th issue:


      -This April, late April to be exact, the Straw Hat crew will be taking over your chess table. The Japanese company Megahobby announced on Tuesday that they will be reviving their popular Chess Piece Collection after almost a decade. Starting with the "One Piece" anime, Megahobby is launching their Chess Piece Collection R project.

      chess piece, which are themed after each Straw Hat crew member except
      Robin, Franky, and Brooke (sorry guys, but chess rules follow a very
      specific system of six types of pieces), measures about 9.5 millimeters
      (about 3.5 inches) tall. A randomly distributed, blind-boxed "One Piece"
      chess figure costs 683 yen (about $9 with tax included):


      You gotta check out the extra images on this source as well ;):


      Last Friday, Shueisha shipped out the 65th volume of "One Piece" with a
      first-print run of four million copies. This ties with the previous
      volume's first-print run last November, which set a record for most
      copies produced for a book's first-print run in Japan:


      me this isn't big news like with the last several volumes actually
      setting records for both the series and books as a whole, however it's
      still quite newsworthy since in my mind it sets a cap for what to expect
      for future volumes' first printings.

      - For the week of January
      23rd to the 29th, "One Piece" was the fourth highest-rated anime on
      Japanese T.V. It scored an average household rating of 10.6%:


      -Some new magazine scans (which are not featured in this source) have
      confirmed more info about the upcoming PS3 game "One Piece": Pirate
      Warriors". Brooke is playable, which we all saw coming, but you'll also
      be able to play as Boa Hancock, Whitebeard, and Portgas D. Ace. I don't
      know if I posted it last time, but I also got a second promotional
      trailer here that goes through Alabasta and Enies Lobby:


      Check out redon's post (#1284) with a WSJ scan confirming the info and images:


      Stephen also translated info about the game' power-up system from the scan (check out post #1319):


      -Last Monday, Crunchyroll posted a lengthy interview with Senior Vice
      President and General Manager of VIZ Media, Alvin Lu, about Weekly
      Shonen Jump Alpha. Topics in the article range from how manga business
      is doing on the digital side to how customers might be dealing with the
      transition from print to digital magazine. Along with the interview,
      there are quite some juicy details about what to expect in Alpha in the
      coming months, some of which are directly "One Piece" related. Among
      them are:

      - A hyperlink feature in the works
      - An interview with Eiichiro Oda in March
      - Video content for subscribers (perhaps we'll see some behind-the-scenes action with Oda? Keeping my&nbsp;&nbsp; fingers crossed...)
      - One-shot stories for subscribers, including the "One Piece X Toriko" crossover which we'll see in the March-April timeline
      - On top of that, Shonen Jump meet-ups at conventions like Wondercon and Sakuracon. Great way to give WSJ Alpha feedback!


      -Here are some Media Create sales for the week of January 23rd to the
      29th, showing the top 50 best-selling video games in Japan. "Gigant
      Battle 2" was the 42nd best-selling game that week:


      - Here's the French commercial for the "Unlimited Cruise SP":


      Likewise, here's the Spanish one:


      In each commercial, you'll hear Luffy's dub voice per their respective country of origin.

      -For the week of February 2nd, "Kaizoku Musou" was the 5th most-wanted game on Japanese video-game magazine Famitsu's most-wanted game list, as voted by reader. It got 400 votes, and fell from a previous ranking of 3rd place:


      -Finally, we have a series of misunderstandings concerning Spain's dub
      of "One Piece". Boing is going to start airing new episodes in the Water
      7 saga, but on Friday Arait Multimedia, the
      licensing/distributing/production company of the Spanish, put up a video
      revealing they have 52 new episodes of "One Piece" and own up to
      episode 394:


      Facebook page for Arait refused to anything more on their Facebook
      page, and Jaime Roca (dub directore and voice of Luffy), as well as one
      of the translators, Alessandra Moura, seemed to be unaware of these new

      Turns out Arait isn't dubbing those new episodes yet,
      they just have the rights to them. They've dubbed up to episode 263, and
      starting on the 13th of this month they're going to start airing from
      229 onwards. In addition, all the speculation was clarified by an Arait
      representative on the popular Ramen Para Dos website's podcast. Turns
      out they have 406 episodes licensed, and have dubbed 263 of them. Turns
      out that video was just a promotional company ad for companies. You can
      find more info on the One Piece RETURNS TO SPAIN! thread thanks to
      fogdark (posts #93 to #96) as well as the One Piece en Castellano
      Facebook page:


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      1. MarcelloF's Avatar
        You didn't mention it, but Germany is getting the first 195 episodes on DVD. There'll be more info on them on the 17th.
      1. firecrouch's Avatar
        Quote Originally Posted by MarcelloF View Post
        You didn't mention it, but Germany is getting the first 195 episodes on DVD. There'll be more info on them on the 17th.
        I mentioned it in the last News Roundup.
      1. MarcelloF's Avatar
        Oh, didn't see the last one. Sorry.
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