• News Roundup for September 12-18 2011

      - New opening officially confirmed to debut for the Oct. 2nd premiere of the New World arc. It's called "We Go" and it's being performed by Hiroshi Kitadani, the same artist behind the original "We Are".


      redon also posted the release info for the song. It comes out November 16th as both a regular edition (CD) and limited edition (CD and DVD). See post #65:


      - VIZ is doing another speed-up of sorts. This time they're accelerating their digital release of "One Piece". Starting this week and continuing each Monday, new volumes of "One Piece" will become available through VIZManga.com and the VIZ Manga App. By December the digital release will be caught up with its print counterpart.


      - For the week of September 5th through the 11th "One Piece' continued to push DVDs:

      One Piece 13th Season: Impel Down Arc Piece. 8: Overall Rank: 11, Anime Rank: 3, Copies Sold: 2,147/2,147, Released September 7th

      One Piece 13th Season: Impel Down Arc Piece. 7: Overall Rank: 13, Anime Rank: 4, Copies Sold: 2,384/2,384, Released September 7th

      One Piece Log Collection "Navaron": Overall Rank: 52 (Last Week 6), Anime Rank: 8, Copies Sold: 1,197/24,737

      One Piece Log Collection "Bell": Overall Rank: 54 (Last Week 5), Anime Rank: 10, Copies Sold: 1,166/25,990


      - For the week of September 5th through the 11th, One Piece #63 went from 18th to 15th place in Oricon's weekly manga sales ranks and sold 36,538 copies for a total of 2,886,158


      - On Friday, VIZ Media confirmed on their Facebook page that their special "One Piece" week will start on Sunday (today) at
      sj.viz.com. It was also hinted that "One Piece" will be on the cover of the next American Shonen Jump issue


      According to hudemx, Viva will now be running "One Piece" in the prime-time slot on Sundays. Four episodes that aired previously during the week will run back-to-back (from 20:20 - 22:20). See post #730:


      - We have some new footage of "Pirate Musous" and "Gigant Battle 2" straight from this year's Tokyo Game Show:



      - Also I made a mistake in the last news roundup. The French Virgin Megastore boutique thing ends on October 2nd, not this month.
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